Turning Changes into Opportunities

We go through changes on a regular basis. Changes can be scary with many unknowns. The 6-Pack can tell you first-hand the unknowns they have faced when they embarked on their triathlon challenging in January. Fears, anxiousness and breathlessness moments did not drive them away, it only made them stronger and more determined.

Each of the 6-Pack members is more than ready to be at the starting line of the Aurora BayCare Green Bay Triathlon. Their buddy personal training sessions laid the foundation for fitness and general wellness in January and February. Sandy and Missy didn’t know what to expect as the concept of exercise was a novelty. Bill was a high school and college athlete and Angie and Becky took advantage of group exercise classes at the Aurora Baycare Sports Medicine Center a few times a week before the start of the Triathlon Challenge.

They took each session one step at a time, not knowing what to expect besides sore muscles and plenty of sweat. On good days, most felt GREAT for completing their workout. On bad days, some struggled to finish even half of their workout. Regardless, they take each session as a learning opportunity. They learned to take breaks between exercises, to stretch properly and to pay more attention to form and alignment during exercise. In a matter of weeks, they were no longer afraid to exercise. They embraced exercise as an initiative to a better lifestyle. They have the muscles and lost inches to prove it! Extra perks for being active: new found energy, improved sleep, and better moods!

Nutrition was an eye opener for most of the group. They were aware that it is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle but didn’t know where to start. With the help of the Body Media unit, a device that tracks activity, sleep and food intake, the 6-Pack took an in depth look at their eating habits. Portion control, meal time management, food substitution, experiment with new recipes, trying new foods, you name it they tried it. Some habits were easy to change, some took a few more tries. It was well worth the effort to make improvements because they can feel their body is no longer fighting against them.

A few things to consider:

  • Take changes as an opportunity to be better
  • Be patient
  • Take small steps to make improvements
  • Celebrate your success


What was your most challenging moment and what did you do to make it an opportunity for change?

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