A pot of gold at the end of a race!

What better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than putting your green on and running a 5k?  Most people do not associate the two, but our 6 Pack did the St. Pat’s Run/Walk put on by DuTriRun.

After a little more than two months of training, 6 Pack coach Junius Ho was confident the group could finish this race.

St. Pats Run_6 PackSo, thanks to Aurora BayCare’s partnership with DuTriRun, the 6 Pack met in Kimberly on a cold Sunday morning to go on a 3.1 mile jog.

Missy explains her experience at the St. Pat’s Run/Walk:

“Sunday, March 16, we did the St. Patty’s Day 5K in Kimberly. The temperature was 9 degrees with a wind chill on -7 when I woke up that morning.  I thought I was prepared for this race.  As soon as that cold air hit my lungs, I could not breathe.  I have exercise induced asthma and had the hardest time.”

“I am trying to keep a positive attitude but it is hard after a day like yesterday.  I keep thinking this is next to impossible.  But to look on the positive side, I did finish a 5K.  I did a 3K 2 years ago, finished 2nd last.  So I have accomplished something.  I did a 5K!  This is a personal accomplishment, but as for the team part, I held them way back.  I will continue working at this.  Hopefully this breathing issue will get better.”

The entire group finished, but it was not easy.  Cold weather and wind did not make it an easy task, but the group persevered and accomplished a pretty big goal.

St. Pats Run_6 Pack2

Special thanks to last year’s 6 Pack member, Dr. John Utrie for joining the group.

At about the halfway point of their training, the 6 Pack is getting ready to do some triathlon-specific training starting on March 25th at the East Side YMCA.

Stay tuned to see how the pool, brick workouts and transitions treat the group as they get ready for the Aurora BayCare Green Bay Triathlon on Sunday, June 1st.

Something to react to: Explain how you braved the elements to complete your 5K this past weekend.  What tips and tricks did you follow going into the race to make sure you were warm enough?

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One Response to A pot of gold at the end of a race!

  1. Tina Kerscher says:

    One word…. Layers. When I first started I thought I was going to freeze solid, but by the end I took my hat and gloves off and still was very warm. I thought following a taller runner would break the wind for me but I was wrong. Lol

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