LiveFit Challenge Week 18: Tracey’s Update

Well we did it!  We finished our first official “race”!  The Duathlon relay in Neenah was really a lot of fun!

I have to admit though, I was extremely nervous heading into the race that morning.  The thought of biking 18+ miles is a little scary!!!  But with talking to my fellow teammates and with Junius & Corey there to coach us – it helped put things at ease.

The biggest thing was just to have fun!!  The adrenaline really started pumping once the runners started and the 3 of us who were biking – knew our time was coming up!  Then my nerves kicked back in, and I started to get a little anxious.  We waited in transition – but it wasnt too long, the runners did amazing!!

Tracey Schmidt is a registered nurse at Aurora BayCare Medical Center.

Tracey Schmidt is a registered nurse at Aurora BayCare Medical Center.

Before I knew it, I was off and on the open road.  The time on the bike actually went by pretty quick – in the end it took me 1hr 11minutes to complete the 18-19 mile course.  Not too bad for my first race!  BUT coming back into transition was another learning curve for me – my legs were like noodles when I hopped off of my bike.  I really had to focus on making sure my feet were hitting the ground with each and every step!!  I didnt want to collapse!

After I made it safely into transition, Ed was there waiting for me and then he was off to finish his last run.  That’s when I started to think….how am I suppose to run 3 miles now??  Will my legs even allow me to run after biking?  Definitely something I need to practice before race day!!

While we were waiting to cheer on the runners at the start line – we couldnt help but notice a few older gentleman who were also starting the race.  During the actual race and transition we didn’t have time to see when they were coming into transition, if they were relaying the race?  Come to find out as we were packing up and leaving – one of these men were just finishing the bike portion of the race and had to run his last 2 miles yet – AMAZING!!

After the times were posted I saw that his man was 70 years old, the other gentleman was 81, and they did the entire race all on their own!! How inspiring and encouraging!!  I can do this too!!  4 WEEKS TO GO!!!!

Six Aurora BayCare Medical Center employees have embarked on a wellness challenge that will change their lives forever! Over the next six months, these people will be coached, trained and transformed into triathlon-level athletes through the Aurora BayCare Sports Medicine Live Fit program.  

To start your customized training program, contact us at 920-288-5400.

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One Response to LiveFit Challenge Week 18: Tracey’s Update

  1. Laurie Wagner says:

    Way to go Tracey….you’ve impressed your old teacher!!!

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