LiveFit Challenge Week 16: Sara’s Update

This Wisconsin weather is crazy! Wasn’t it just snowing a couple weeks ago? And today it was over 80 degrees!? It sure will be nice to finally be able to run and bike outside comfortably.

I think I am looking most forward to being able to run outside.  The treadmill does get a little boring to me now sometimes.  I think it has just been part of my comfort zone.  I feel good about knowing that I can stop when I feel like stopping and I don’t have to worry about hills or wind or uneven ground.

SaraphotoSee, I had a bit of a bad experience running outside once.  I was doing really well running inside about 3 miles at a time for a couple weeks back in medical school.  I was dating a guy that ran a lot and I told him I would go for a run with him.  Well, I went about a block and was done! I was so embarrassed! I had a cramp in my side and was completely out of breath! But, that guy ended up marrying me! Guess he liked me for other reasons and could look past my lack of fitness! So, ever since, I have just thought running outside was harder than the treadmill.

I’ve only done a little outdoor running so far, but it’s going much better this time around.  Maybe I just tried to show off too much that time and started out too fast.  Anyway, I think a good IPod playlist and nice weather is going to make it quite enjoyable.

And I feel so much better about everything after running several days in a row.  I feel happier, stress level is low, I am more energetic, and I just feel good about myself when I run! And that translates to happier kids, happier husband, happier dog, coworkers, patients, neighbors…

Check out the bumper sticker that spoke to me! I felt it was a sign when I spotted it in the parking lot! Unfortunately, it was right after I had eaten a huge steak and some really bad for me mashed potatoes.  But running the next day burned it right off! Running is great!

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