LiveFit Challenge Week 16: Ed’s Update

On Tuesdays and Thursdays nights we have our Triathlon classes.  I have some time to kill between work and class so I have been going to the ‘Y’ and running.

One day I got the idea that I wanted to know how much weight, if any, I lose during the average day of working out.  So, I weighed myself when I first got to the ‘Y’ and then again just before I left and after the work out was complete.  The difference was 4 pounds.

Ed Janz is a security officer at Aurora BayCare Medical Center in Green Bay.

Ed Janz is a security officer at Aurora BayCare Medical Center in Green Bay.

That is hard for me to comprehend.  I know it was all fluid but to drop that much weight that quickly tells me that I am really putting my body through some vigorous exercises.  I remember years ago, when I use to run like 10 miles at that time, it was not uncommon for me to lose at least 6 pounds per run.  So knowing this, it becomes really important for me to keep myself hydrated before, during and after each workout.

This has always been hard for me, because I become so focused on my running that I don’t think about hydration until after the event.  I am trying to make myself at least sip on water so that I don’t become dehydrated. The next morning after the weigh in I weighed myself again and only put back on a pound. Go figure.

The temperatures have finally started to warm up so that I could get outside and do some workouts.  I prefer to do my running and biking outdoors instead of inside.  It has been a long winter with spring’s slow arrival.  I really had a hard time exercising indoors but I did establish a routine and thought that I was doing pretty well until I actually went outdoors.  This became a wakeup call for me.  I felt like I was starting over.

So, from now on I will have to doing my running and biking outdoors no matter what the weather brings.  I think I need to concentrate more on running and biking and a lot less on core strengthening.  We have only 1 month before the triathlon and I have a lot of work to do.

I am beginning to have some concerns that I might not be prepared as well as I want to be for the triathlon…

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