What if you were invited to work out with the NFL?

by guest blogger Jordan Wettstein

The last two weeks have been very critical!

Jordan is working with Athletic Republic trainers to chase his dream of joining an NFL team.

Jordan is working with Athletic Republic trainers at Aurora BayCare to chase his dream of joining the NFL.

My workout with the Packers happened last week Wednesday.  I was invited to come and workout with them on Wednesday morning in a pre-draft workout.

Andy and I really focused on hitting those key muscles that are used in kicking to see if we can get just a little bit more out of them.  We did exactly that.

I hit some very powerful kickoffs and long field goals the day of my workout.  I feel that the training paid off and I did everything I could to prepare for my opportunity.  Now it is back to work!

We will continue on the same type of program that we have been on for the next two weeks or so here.  The 2013 NFL Draft occurs this coming week, with the following week being a critical time for free agents to be signed with teams.  My hope is that I get invited to workout with a team or two during this time and invited to a mini camp or rookie camp.

A big thing I will concentrate on this week is my kicking workouts, along with my treadmill day on Monday and my plyometric work on Wednesday.  These two things that are incorporated into my training are extremely important to build that leg speed up to where it needs to be in order to kick in the NFL.

nfl_logoDoing interval running and quick twitch muscle work really helps develop my leg, core, and surrounding muscle groups that are needed when kicking a football.

Again, we have to concentrate on what is going on each day, if we want to accomplish our goals.  It is a day by day process and getting in caught up in things that are down the road won’t help us concentrate on what is going on today.  Hard work and determination is what is needed from here if we are looking to get a chance at the next level.

Remember, sitting around wishing for something to happen won’t help it get done.  Set yourself for success by doing something each day to get better.  Enjoy the journey!

To start your customized training program, contact  Aurora BayCare Sports Medicine at 920-288-5400.

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