What does it feel like to audition for the NFL?

by Jordan Wettstein, guest blogger

Jordan3photoIt has been a few weeks since I last wrote, so I will touch base on everything that has happened over the past few weeks!

As you know, I trained the last six weeks in order to get ready for my pro day on March 4th in Minneapolis, MN.  There were roughly 15 NFL teams represented that day that came to watch us all workout.

The day went extremely well, as I went 11/12 for field goals and my kickoffs were very strong.  I was pleased with everything I did that day.  All the hard work definitely paid off!  My pro day video can be seen on YouTube.

I left that Saturday for Boca Raton, Florida, for Michael Husted’s Pro Kicking Camp.  It was four days of kicking, where we charted 10 field goals and five kickoffs each day.  After the camp was over, I was able to earn a 5-star rating from the camp.  I was very excited to see the numbers I put up, as I haven’t been able to kick outside since last year.  It was an awesome experience and hopefully I can get some attention with what I did down at my pro day and this camp.  The results from my camp can be seen below at the following sites:



I started working out again with Andy on March 19.  It was slow to get back into the groove again, as I took some time off to concentrate on kicking and give my muscles a break.  The treadmill was the hardest thing to get back into.  It sure was a wake up call, but it feels good again to get moving.  We started a new program, similar to the one that we have been working on the past six weeks.  We are continuing to work on quick twitch muscles, using the exercises, movements, and band workouts Andy has combined together.

Athletic Republic has done a fantastic job preparing me for my pro day and camp!  I can’t thank them and Andy enough.  I look forward to seeing what will happen here in the next couple of months with NFL teams.

One day at a time.  What will you do to get better today?!

To start your customized training program, contact  Aurora BayCare Sports Medicine at 920-288-5400.

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