LiveFit Challenge 60-Day Recap: Sarah Aicher

What lessons have you learned in your first 60 days?

I have always wanted to become more fit.  I would see other women with great confidence in their bodies, not needing to cover up with a tankini and sarong at the pool, and want that for myself.

Dr. Sara Aicher is an urgent care physician at Aurora Urgent Care in Green Bay.

Dr. Sara Aicher is an urgent care physician at Aurora Urgent Care in Green Bay.

It’s not all about trying to be skinny, either.  Toned is a better word.  Less jiggly.  The problem was for me was always figuring out how to do it! Spending hours at the gym just didn’t sound like fun, and seemed unrealistic for me.  So, I spent my days at the pool making sure my top stayed pulled down to cover up my belly and working my skirty bottom and cover up to keep those thuttocks covered up.

Most ladies know that awful area I’m talking about when I say thuttocks, right?

And I just always figured I would get in better shape once the kids were in school and I had more time to myself.  Mind you, my kids were only 1 and 3 at that point.

The LiveFit Triathlon Challenge application email came at just the right time for me.  After a long day of working and struggling to get the kids to stay in bed, I plopped down on the couch to have some ice cream and read through my emails.  I was feeling bad about my lack of physical activity and how moody I had been and just feeling tired all the time.

Sara_1It felt like a sign.  I normally browse through all the random emails I get and delete them all, but this one really stood out! It sounded like the perfect opportunity to see if I could make it happen.

If having a goal of completing my first triathlon and working with a team of others doing the same thing would finally make me get up and get moving.  I knew it would be a huge change to have to go workout and leave the kids behind, but I decided that if I was chosen I would just make it happen.

When January came around, and we started our personal training sessions at the Sports Medicine Center, I had to do some juggling to get babysitters to watch the kids while I was gone sometimes, but it all fell into place.  My kids hate it when I leave to go somewhere without them! They pout and cry sometimes and make me feel terrible for doing anything away from them.  And why do they do that? Because I used to give in most of the time and not go! Yeah, I’m a softie.

But, I kept telling myself that this was going to be good for the whole family in the long run.  I think I would hold a little grudge before for not getting to do what I wanted to do.  It feels better to get a little time for myself, even if its not for a pedicure.  And thank goodness for great childcare at our workout facility is all I can say! The kids might complain about going there at first, but they end up having a blast.  We just have to make sure to go when Miss Karen is working! But I have figured out when the good times are to go and what the good classes are, how to work the machines, etc.  It feels good to have more confidence in the gym.

One of the biggest changes that has happened in the last few months is, I actually really LIKE to workout now! So, at least I don’t have to overcome my own feelings of not wanting to do it, the problem is just finding the time and having the kids taken care of.   I have also found some crazy ways of working in exercise when it doesn’t seem like there’s going to be a free hour.

The possibilities were always there before, I just didn’t have enough motivation to really give it much thought! I walk laps around our office when there is a little downtime, do squats while waiting for my AVS’s to print out at work (oh no, computer guy, don’t worry about getting a faster printer, I’m getting my squats in while it takes a full 55 seconds to fire up), squats and planks and lunges while entertaining the kids (yes, Batgirl can do planks!), and do isometric ab exercises in the car.  When I have a little free time now, whether at home or at work or on vacation, I try to come up with things to do that are active! All I ever used to want to do is sit down and do some online shopping or read Bachelor updates!

I am also really looking forward to the weather getting better so that we can play outside more and go for walks and runs and bike rides as a family.  Even if the kids are going slow on their bikes or scooters, I can do walking lunges down the street! Why not just give the neighbors more reasons to laugh as they drive by? Or maybe, just maybe, they will be inspired to do the same!!! Anyway, the good weather will create endless possibilities of fun activities to get in shape! No more plunking down on the driveway with sidewalk chalk, drinking coffee at 10 in the morning, feeling like a zombie and yelling at the kids to not go in the street! We are going to be up and moving!

The last hurdle I need to tackle is getting up early in the morning to have solo workout time.  I think it would really be a good thing for me.  I just can’t stand to set the alarm any earlier than 630.  For the times when I really want to get some running or swimming or biking in, but don’t have time to do it with the kids routines, it would be nice to get it done in the morning.  I am working on finding a way to motivate myself for that one.

My journey to fitness isn’t over yet!

Six Aurora BayCare Medical Center employees have embarked on a wellness challenge that will change their lives forever! Over the next six months, these people will be coached, trained and transformed into triathlon-level athletes through the Aurora BayCare Sports Medicine Live Fit program.  

To start your customized training program, contact us at 920-288-5400.


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