What happens at a NFL Pro Day?

by Jordan Wettstein, guest blogger

The time is near.  Pro Day is less than three days away now!

It is now time to see how the training and preparation will pay off.  This was a week where we took care of my body more than anything.  This included more ice, more stem treatments, and more stretching.  We wanted to make sure I had my legs for when Monday comes around.

We do have a game for the Blizzard in Chicago on Saturday evening, but I will be heading up to Minneapolis the following morning when we get back.  As of right now, I feel great and can’t wait to show off what I have done the past month and a half.

Jordan is working with Athletic Republic trainers to prepare for Pro Day and kicking camps this spring.

Jordan is working with Athletic Republic trainers to prepare for Pro Day and kicking camps this spring.

Pro Day will be an opportunity to get in front of NFL scouts and personal that are interested in looking at the players that are draft eligible from the University of Minnesota and surrounding area.

I know there will be nine players from last year’s team that will be participating in the events, including myself.  The other position players will be put through a combine style workout to showcase their talents.  Kickers on the other hand will usually only have to kick, but can also participate in any other event they feel can impress scouts.  I may take the time and do a couple of the drills, including the vertical jump, L drill, and shuttle, to show the scouts my athleticism.

This is the chance of a lifetime and I hope I can turn some heads come Monday.  Thanks for tuning in the past couple of weeks and reading my blogs/posts.

Remember, go out and do something to make yourself better today!  Get after it!

To start your customized training program, contact  Aurora BayCare Sports Medicine at 920-288-5400.

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