Only three weeks from Pro Day, Jordan has his eyes on the prize

By Jordan Wettstein, guest blogger

It was a short week this week, due to a scrimmage for the Blizzard on Thursday and getting home a little after 6:00AM  on Friday made it hard to get my training in.

Jordan is working with Athletic Republic trainers to prepare for Pro Day and kicking camps this spring.

Jordan is working with Athletic Republic trainers to prepare for Pro Day and kicking camps this spring.

However, Monday through Wednesday I had some great days.

Monday, Andy and I hit the weights harder than we have before.  It was difficult going at the pace we were going after a treadmill workout, but we got through it.

Tuesday was the best day I have ever made contact with the NFL balls.  It took a little getting used to the strengthening bands we use, but I think after about a month of using them it has really started to pay off.  I hit almost every ball perfectly and really felt the power behind my kicks finally.  Wednesday was a great workout as well and I used that to get my muscles firing for the day.  Shortly after, I prepared for the long bus ride to Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

We are now just a little over three weeks until Pro Day and I am starting to get excited about it.  I signed up for a camp in Florida that runs from February 9-13, which I will be able to showcase my talents with kickers around the country.  I am hoping this will also get my name out there as well.

There are some big things coming up and I need to be focused more than anything right now.  A great mindset is essential in the training process and I will continue to work on visualization exercises, yoga, and mental repetitions with various distractions that could potentially occur when I am kicking.  I am continuing to work to try and set myself up for success.

Nothing is ever given to you so go out and work for what you want.  Have a great week everyone!

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