LiveFit Challenge Week 1: Sara’s Update

Coming your way here, blog number two
Can’t keep up with rhyming, so what will I do?
I’ll have to tell you some truths, hard as it is
By the end of all this, you’ll know all my biz…

Sara_1Christmas was coming, and we had a lot lined up:  two Breakfasts with Santa, one five course dinner, a house party to host with lots of food and alcohol, four different neighborhood parties, and various other holiday dinners and gatherings to get in the holiday spirit!

I thought about trying to only go up to the buffet line for the Santa brunches once and be smart about what I chose.  What did I end up with? Three visits to the line, three chocolate chip pancakes, a ginormous omelet filled with gobs of cheese, a piece (or maybe two) of french toast (the yummy thick kind), fruit, a muffin, some bacon, hashbrowns, and then the rest of my one year old’s fruit and pancakes too.

Yeah. I ate all that.

The other buffet was about the same.  I thought about skipping dessert at the fancy country club dinner, but when they brought out the tray with all the delectable options, each loaded with a bazillion calories…   We chose one for each of us and split them and I think I practically licked the plate.  The other parties went similarly.

I was definitely not counting calories.

When I thought about everything I was eating, I decided I should start an exercise routine.  I downloaded the “Run a 5K” app on my iPhone.  I tried to follow it as closely as I could.  It took away some of the guilt for all the indulging I was doing.  But when things started getting really busy closer to Christmas, I didn’t keep up with it very well.

It did feel good when I did it.  I had a little sense of accomplishment every time I got to the end of the workout.  Anybody interested in getting started running should try it! I am now thrilled that I can run three minutes in a row! Wow! I hope you all realize that if I can get to the point of running a 5k by June, you can too!

By the way, what have I been doing in the past few years to try to stay in shape? Does breastfeeding count? I keep trying to look up how many calories that burns and add that in! I started doing some vigorous vacuuming periodically, also.  Sometimes I see that listed in women’s magazines as a big calorie burner.  And, lugging a 28 pound one year old and 40 pound four year old has to count for something, I’m sure.

My eating habits have been rather pathetic, as well.  When I work a 12 hour shift and miss lunch, I kind of justify a couple of mini candy bars and a handful of Sour Patch Kids as replacing the calories that I would have had for lunch anyway.  I eat out or have take-out for about half of my meals each week, too.  Those women’s magazines never seem to think that is good.   But Panera lists their calories and I try to choose the lower calorie options, at least.

Live Fit ArtworkWell, I must have really been feeling guilty about all of my bad habits, because it all played out in my subconscious the night before our training kick off.  I had a dream that the training team came and searched my house and office and removed all of the junk food they could find in two large Hefty garbage bags.  Then, I showed up late to training, wearing my pajamas, and without my water bottle.  I could only find a pink sippy cup in the car with some leftover chocolate milk, so I brought that!

It turned out that I made it on time to the training and it went well.  I had an actual water bottle.  I decided not to bring a Snickers bar, even though those commercials make it look like it would “really satisfy” for a big workout.  We ate lunch in the cafeteria and I ignored the dessert table.

It’s really amazing what logging your food and calories does to change your food choices! Try it!

Then, during our first spin workout, I thought my legs were going to fall off.  I honestly thought about not really upping my resistance when Cory said to, but figured I would only be cheating myself! I wanted those dang hills to be over a little quicker, though, that’s for sure.

Dr. Sara Aicher is an urgent care physician at Aurora QuickCare in Green Bay.

Dr. Sara Aicher is an urgent care physician at Aurora QuickCare in Green Bay.

So, if this doesn’t work out, you may just see me on the cover of Time magazine with a ten year old still nursing.  Does anyone know how many calories you can really burn with that?

Honestly, though, I have complete confidence that somehow I will actually be able to do this.  The important thing, so far, seems to be just having a plan and a goal! Anyone can do it!

Six Aurora BayCare Medical Center employees have embarked on a wellness challenge that will change their lives forever! Over the next six months, these people will be coached, trained and transformed into triathlon-level athletes through the Aurora BayCare Sports Medicine Live Fit program.  

To start your customized training program, contact us at 920-288-5400.

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