Meet the 2013 LiveFit 6-Pack: Amanda Schuessler

Six Aurora BayCare Medical Center employees have embarked on a wellness challenge that will change their lives forever!

Over the next six months, these people will be coached, trained and transformed into triathlon-level athletes through the Aurora BayCare Sports Medicine Live Fit program.

Amanda Schuessler is a patient services representative at BayCare Clinic in Green Bay.

Amanda Schuessler is a patient services representative at BayCare Clinic in Green Bay.

Guess what!  I did it.  I won a life-changing experience.  I was chosen to represent Bay Care Clinic as a participant in training for and completing the Green Bay Triathlon.

I know what you’re thinking,  and no,  they don’t train us by making us chase the ice cream truck!  I will get an actual trainer: someone who will work with me and design a personal workout plan for me.

I still can’t believe it.  I was sitting at my desk doing my job when the phone rang.  Most calls are business, so I was surprised when it was for me personally.  Then I heard it was from the Aurora BayCare Sports Medicine Center.

Truthfully, I thought they were going to tell me that I hadn’t been using my gym membership, so they were going to cancel it.  So, you can imagine my surprise when the voice on the other end of the line said that I had been chosen to represent BayCare Clinic in the 2013 LiveFit program.

I couldn’t believe it.  I have been really looking for my motivation to live a healthier lifestyle — and my motivation just called!

So now I’ve dusted off my gym shoes, unburied my workout clothes, and now I’m prepared to start making my health a priority.  I know that this isn’t going to be easy, but it will be so worth it in the end.  I really hope to have more energy, tone up, and hey,  it’s not like I would be mad if my waist line reappears.

So, as the new year begins, so does my journey to a better health.

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, Aurora BayCare Sports Medicine’s experts will put you on top of your game. To start your customized training program, contact us at 1-920-288-5400.

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