LiveFit Challenge Week 18: Kim’s Update

Six Aurora BayCare Medical Center employees have embarked on a wellness challenge that will change their lives forever! Over the next six months, these people will be coached, trained and transformed into triathlon-level athletes through the Aurora BayCare Sports Medicine Live Fit program.

Thinking back to six months ago, I had no desire to workout.  I found every excuse in the book to keep myself out of the gym.  I ate whatever I wanted to eat.  I did not care about me.

But in a few days, I will prove to myself that I am not that person anymore.  In a few days, I will be crossing my first triathlon finish line…a feat the old me never thought I would complete, or even wanted to attempt!  Now, I am looking forward to the race, to crossing that finish line with the others who have challenged themselves.  I am filled with a complete mix of emotion knowing that I was blessed with an incredible opportunity.

Looking back, I started off with a bang!  I was in this thing 100% doing everything I was told to do: eat right, exercise, stretch, lift, etc, and I could see the differences just a few life changes brought!  But for some reason along the way, I have somehow faltered.  I have skipped workouts, stopped completely following the training program, and made poor dietary choices.

But even with that, although I do have regret because I know I honestly could have done more, I am still certain that I am a better me.  I have a long way to go, but I have started on a lifelong journey of a healthier me and I am not looking back.  I have signed up for multiple upcoming events to keep me moving and I have learned what it means to enjoy working out.  I have learned that I workout best when I have others around and am more apt to push myself when competition arises.  I get bored easily so changing up the training program is important for me.  I think that is why I am going to enjoy this upcoming race.

It will be my personal record because I have nothing to compare it against.  It will be a success, no matter what obstacles I may encounter.  I will swim, bike, and run and I will come back for more.  I will smile when I see cameras, I will thank those who are supporting me, and I will encourage those I see struggling.  And when I’m struggling, I will remember those who could not complete a journey like this even if they wanted to.  I will dig deep, push harder, and prove to myself I can do this.  And hopefully, I will spark an interest in other people who are where I was six months ago.

So how do I feel about the race on Sunday?  I’m prepared – I know my expectations, I know the course, and I know how to swim, bike, and run.  I’m nervous – I have never completed a tri before and I know I could have trained harder.  I’m excited – to cross that finish with others who never thought it would be possible, and to share in that moment with some of the people I love.  I’m scared – because there is always a possibility of something really bad happening and I do not want to let myself or anyone else down.  I’m thankful – for this opportunity and for our trainers, our teammates, my family, and my friends.  I’m hopeful – this tri will not be my last.  I’m healthier.  I’m happier.  I’m going to be a triathlete!

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, Aurora BayCare Sports Medicine’s expertswill put you on top of your game. To start your customized training program, contact us at 920-288-5400.

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