LiveFit Challenge Week 9: John’s Update

Dr. John Utrie is a fellowship-trained urogynecologist and OB/GYN at Aurora BayCare Medical Center in Green Bay.

Six Aurora BayCare Medical Center employees have embarked on a wellness challenge that will change their lives forever! Over the next six months, these people will be coached, trained and transformed into triathlon-level athletes through the Aurora BayCare Sports Medicine Live Fit program.

Fun.  I must have a misperception of what constitutes fun.  More likely the criterion for what constitutes fun differs widely based on ones experience and opportunities.  Never the less fun should have some common ground.  The most common query I get about the triathlon training is “are you having fun” and the trainers incessantly ask “lets have some fun” which invariably turns into 45 minutes of heart rate over 140 beats per minute.  Personally it’s hard to perceive this as fun.  The end result may be satisfying or even rewarding but it’s not something I call fun.  Maybe it’s like recapping a  Superbowl. Half the folks though it was fun and the rest are miserable second guessers.  Perception depends on the desired result.
Getting up early to stretch and jump start my heart is not fun.  Flopping around on a gym floor while directed to perform all sorts of unnatural contortions is not fun. Feeling the weight of my body repeatedly assault my ankles is not fun.  Scrutinizing everything I eat is not fun.  These things get done as a means to an end.  It is a process of catching up; making amends, paying the price for letting your fitness take a downhill slide amongst sleeves of Girl Scout cookies and bakery visits.  Fun is catching fish, sleeping in, sharing a conversation, maybe even eating a doughnut.  Lots of things are fun but I fail to view working out as fun.  Watching the scale weight slide to the left is satisfying but not really fun.  The ultimate goal might be fun but getting there isn’t fun for me it requires discipline, lifestyle change and changing priorities which is work.
Then again work is fun.

Follow John’s journey with weekly updates here at our fitness blog!

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, Aurora BayCare Sports Medicine’s experts will put you on top of your game. To start your customized training program, contact us at 920-288-5400.

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