LiveFit Challenge Week 6: Kim’s Update

Six Aurora BayCare Medical Center employees have embarked on a wellness challenge that will change their lives forever! Over the next six months, these people will be coached, trained and transformed into triathlon-level athletes through the Aurora BayCare Sports Medicine Live Fit program.

I have learned how you have to plan activity in your day, but I have not yet mastered how to do that when you have visitors in from out of town who have no intention of picking up on your routine! I had family in town from Friday until Monday and none of them were interested in joining me in my working out efforts. I made sure I worked out Friday before their arrival and then again Monday night, but we did not do anything that truly would work on our fitness during the weekend. What we did do was the Polar Plunge in Osh Kosh, and I’m quite certain my heart rate was accelerated during that journey. I can now say I have jumped into ice cold water (what was I thinking?!?!), but I’m not sure that was much of a workout. However, our day long shopping spree sure did work on my walking endurance and biceps as I carried bags from store to store!!! (I guess I can’t really count that as a workout.)

I know that next time I have visitors; it’s going to be up to me to wake up earlier, or stay up later, to make sure that I’m not cheating myself of a workout. Who knows, maybe it will catch on with my family and become an interest of theirs as well! In missing workouts over the weekend, I am starting to realize that I don’t feel right when I don’t work out. I’m getting to the point where I look forward to moving…and I haven’t felt that in a long, long time! I love the feeling and I want to hold onto that the rest of this journey and beyond!!!

Follow Kim’s journey with weekly updates here at our fitness blog!

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, Aurora BayCare Sports Medicine’s experts will put you on top of your game. To start your customized training program, contact us at 920-288-5400.

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