Are You One in Five?

My name is Regan Kust. I’m a personal trainer and wellness coach at Aurora BayCare Sports Medicine. My purpose in life is to help people reach their goals…its what I do, what I enjoy, what I live for.

One in five people in theUnited Statesare affected by metabolic syndrome, which becomes increasing prevalent as you age. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions, those affected experience: increased blood pressure, high blood sugar level, excess body fat around the waist and/or abnormal cholesterol levels. All of these conditions can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Having just one of these conditions doesn’t necessarily mean you have metabolic syndrome. However, any of these conditions increase your risk of serious disease.  If more than one of these conditions occur in combination, your risk is even greater of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes.  Some studies have estimated 25% of the U.S.population have, or will have metabolic syndrome. Risk factors contributing to metabolic syndrome are stress, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, aging, diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease, lipodystrophy, psychiatric illness and rheumatic diseases.  If you have metabolic syndrome or any of the components of metabolic syndrome, simple lifestyle changes can delay or even prevent the development of serious health problems.

Focusing on your diet and exercise is a great way to start prevention of metabolic syndrome.  We have a great staff of knowledgeable personal trainers that can help you lead a healthy lifestyle.  For more information, call us at 920-288-5400 and see how we can help you fight metabolic syndrome.

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, Aurora BayCare Sports Medicine’s experts will put you on top of your game.  To start your customized training program, contact us at 920-288-5400.


About Regan Kust

I am a personal trainer at AuroraBayCare in Green Bay Wisconsin. Go Packers!
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