Five ways for fit families to fight obesity at home

Obesity is on the rise worldwide.  Since 1980,  global obesity has more than doubled.  In 2010, nearly 43 million children below the age of 5 were overweight.  If things don’t change now, by 2035 the U.S. economy will literally be weighed down with healthcare costs for a generation that should be healthy, vibrant and productive.

That’s the bad news.

Here’s the good news!

Obesity is preventable.   So how can we help our children and ourselves?

  • Encourage kids to pack a lunch or eat school lunches.  Students allowed off-campus during lunch increase their caloric intake substantially when they eat fast food.
  • Educate yourself and ask questions.  Use your time wisely when at the doctor’s office.  Come up with a list of questions regarding your or your child’s health and ask away.  Bring a notepad and pen to record the information you find helpful.
  • Get fit and have fun together.  Join a local gym as family and workout together.
  • Set an example every day.  Write, speak and live the healthy lifestyle example daily.  Teach your kids how to eat healthy and play in a fun and imaginative way.
  • Award points.  Points redeemable toward non-food items are a great incentive for adults and children alike.  Make a list of items that are redeemable according to the amount of activity performed. 

With just a few changes to your daily habits, you and your family can be on the road to better health!

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, Aurora BayCare Sports Medicine’s experts will put you on top of your game. To start your customized training program, contact us at 920-288-5400.


About Regan Kust

I am a personal trainer at AuroraBayCare in Green Bay Wisconsin. Go Packers!
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